Natural Beauty.

The obvious reason to use brick or stone is for their classic beauty. The practical reason is for their durability. Brick and stone structures easily last hundreds of years, and look harmonious and natural in their surroundings. Whichever your reason, look to the experts... Hawk Masonry.

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Business is Good.

There are reasons why commercial and retail buildings are built with brick. It symbolizes longevity, class and success, and it's durable with minimal maintenance. If your vision is to leave a legacy of success, brick will satisfy your mission statement. Tell your customers that you'll always be there for them. Brick is part of a great business plan. Find out more, talk to Hawk Masonry.

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Big or Little.

Our projects range from architectural masterpieces to utilitarian dumpster enclosures, and everything in-between, but our pride and workmanship don't waver. Everything we do, we do with the same pride and expert craftsmanship. Everything we build, is built to last, it's our legacy. If you value, workmanship, durability, and every job well done, find out more. Talk to Hawk Masonry.

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Hawk Masonry is a leading commercial and residential masonry contractor in West Michigan. We're known for our craftsmanship and excellence in value engineering, preconstruction planning and schedule-driven projects. Our customer-first approach to masonry projects means you come first.

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